Help for Addiction

Addiction help comes in 2 forms: elimination and creation.

Most people think that beating an addiction is an act of elimination. It’s not. Overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction is about creating something.

When we strip away the drugs and the alcohol from the life of the addict, there is a huge void left over. This void is more than just spiritual. In traditional recovery, 12 step programs attempt to diagnose addiction as a spiritual malady and then fix the problem with a spiritual solution.

This helps, but it is not ideal. The reason is because addiction is not just a spiritual problem. Instead, addiction affects the whole entire person – physically, mentally, emotionally, and so on.

It therefore follows that any solution needs to be holistic in nature. Addiction affects us physically – so why would we ignore the physical component? Of course we should address the physical side of addiction, looking into things such as medications to help with cravings and also exercise as a means to sobriety.

Likewise, addiction affects us emotionally, so why should we not address our emotional health and balance in our lives? This only makes sense to treat the whole person in recovery, not just the spiritual side of things.

Many people like to simplify things in order to wrap their minds around the solution but overcoming addiction is more complicated than that. The solution is more than just spiritual; it is holistic, and therefore you must grow in many different areas of your life in order to succeed in recovery.

This is the whole point of the matter and if you really want some help for addiction then you need to take a creative approach to recovery.

Recovery is not spiritual. It is holistic. This includes spiritual growth and transcends it with a comprehensive holistic approach. Get more addiction tips here.