Bio Oil Before and After Results for Skin Problems

Scars are very common for most of us. Some even try surgical procedures in order for the skin to be smooth and subtle. But not all of us can afford the expensive procedures that can help remove our scars which is why many have tried to invent the best solution. Among the solutions include bio oil scar removal. In fact, there are many who boast of their bio oil before and after pictures which presents as a proof of their success in eliminating the scars plaguing their skin.

According to, people who have tried their bio oil product have been able to see results after a month. It is great that the product can also be used even by pregnant women and children. Not only are the scars lightened, even stretch marks which are unsightly to look at have lightened. The skin also improved.

But in light with the positive reviews about bio oil, there are also some negative reviews. Bio oil before and after pictures, they say, are not reliable since many has the skill to alter their photos to seem that the oil is working for their scars. It seems like the negative reviews are made by those who want to discredit the ability of bio oil to work or by those who has failed to make the oil work for their scars.

Bio Oil Before and After—FAQs

  • How much does bio oil cost?
  • The website does not offer any price, but there are some testimonials which say that the oil costs less than $30. The cost probably depends on the clinic or drugstore which provides them.

  • How much oil is the recommended use for pregnant women?
  • Yes. The oil can be used by expecting mothers. It is beneficial to use the oil before and after the pregnancy so that the stretch marks will not be as prominent as without any stretch mark removal.

  • Does bio oil really work?
  • This seems like the “real” question. There are those which attest that the oil works. However, there are reviews which target the oil due to its being ineffective. Still, it pays to try to visit your own dermatologist so that s/he can be able to provide the best treatment regimen for you.

  • What skin problems can be solved with the use of the oil?
  • According to the oil’s website, the other skin problems which can be solved with the use of bio oil are the scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, ageing and dehydrated skin.

Wise people look for proof before submitting themselves to the miracle oils of today. For some, bio oil before and after pictures are good enough; however, there are some which are skeptical about the use of the oil. They do not readily believe in what they see over the internet. They have good reason for not believing since they have not tried the oil yet.

But to those who want to see if the oil really works for them and if they are doubtful of the effectiveness, then it is good to consult with others – especially those who have used the oil for themselves. Dermatologists will also be helpful in these kinds of situations. Through good advice, one can be able to check whether or not the oil will help them with their skin maladies.

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