Tea Is More Than A Cultural Thing

So often tea is relegated to a drink of the past.  Granted, there have been a lot of cultures that have incorporated tea as a large part of their tradition.  The Chinese still have tea parties that are very culturally controlled, and in a lot of Middle Eastern cultures, offering tea is one of the greatest ways of showing friendship.

Ginger tea, is especially popular in many Middle Eastern cultures, as it has a tangy taste, which can override the odd tastes of their water or goats milk that it is normally served in.

But, aside from being a cultural drink, ginger tea has a lot of health value.  One of its biggest attributes is that it can help cleanse the lymphatic system, supporting immune function and helping the body defends itself against viral invaders.

Additionally ginger tea benefits as a thermogenic agent.  A Thermogenic agent can help increase the caloric burn of the body, and help the body lose a slight amount of weight.  This thermogenic attribute is one of the reasons that ginger tea leaves a drinker feeling slightly flushed directly after drinking.

Another tea which is gaining a lot of attention for its potential to help one lose weight, is Banaba leaf tea.  This Banaba leaf tea helps the body controls blood sugar better, by acting a lot like insulin and helping shuttle sugar into the body’s cells.

In fact, in the Philippines a lot of diabetics drink Banaba tea to help them better control their blood sugar levels.  When nondiabetics drink the tea, it can help regulate their blood sugar levels as well, preventing huge spikes in crashes in blood sugar , thereby squelching the hunger cravings normally experience throughout the day.

Regardless of what you drink, it is an arguable that more Americans need to drink tea.  Right now, we consume so many liquids full of sugar and fake flavors, that our bodies would do well to enjoy more healthy alternatives.  She is the perfect alternative and one you should definitely consider.

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